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"Wow! A big thank you to  The Jazz Club for asking us to be a part of your series! Steve, Jeremy and I had a wonderful time performing, and we were really struck by the genuine appreciation of the music by your members. The audience's attentiveness encouraged us to play our very best. Thank you! Thank you as well for supporting this art form. Now, more than ever, we jazz lovers need to stick together to keep the music alive and healthy . "

                                                Steve Allee, Guest Artist (piano, composer; 12.13.09)


"Hearing great talent in an intimate atmosphere makes The Jazz Club a superb addition to our community's rich cultural menu."

                                                Bill Arthur, Founding Member


"Real jazz, real musicians, real listeners. Really intimate. Really incredible!"

                                                Ned Boyd, Founding Member and Guest Artist (saxophones; 09.13.09)


"The Jazz Club is a gem! The acoustics and piano were excellent. The staff along with the hip audience were fantastic! I look forward to my next visit."

                                                Mark Buselli, Guest Artist (trumpet and flugelhorn, composer; 09.12.10)


" The Jazz Club provides that all too rare occasion when musicians can stretch out and explore interesting music in the presence of listeners who are there to share in the experience.  Thanks for creating a setting where the art form of jazz can be performed and appreciated! "

                                                Rich Cohen, Guest Artist (alto saxophone; 09.13.09)


"On September 13th, 2009, I was fortunate to perform for The Jazz Club of Lafayette. I was looking forward to this gig simply because I would be playing with like-minded musicians. Everybody in the group shares the same goal of making music, which has a natural byproduct called 'having fun!' And fun did we have!! Little did I know that the audience would be on the same page with the musicians! How refreshing and enjoyable it was to perform for listeners of this great art form we know and love, called Jazz."

                                                Rich Dole, Guest Artist (trombone; 09.13.09)


"Wow, what a wonderful Jazz Club event to end the successful inaugural year! It was successful in every dimension, but especially in the quality of the music. We are thankful to everyone who has contributed, from pianos to venues and legal/business efforts. I feel proud to be among such fine members."

                                                Bob Harrington, Founding Member


"Thanks to the Jazz Club for a wonderful afternoon of music-making and sharing. The opportunities of finding such an appreciative and knowledgeable audience are rare these days, and a source of great inspiration."

                                                Monika Herzig, Guest Artist (piano, composer; 09.11.11)


"Fantastic concept! Just what our community needs."

                                                Kate Patrick, Founding Member


"Finally!  The Jazz Club is the platform performers and listeners have been waiting for.  It is that far too increasingly rare opportunity for musicians to play without boundary and for listeners to experience the culmination of lifetimes spent dedicated to the art of creating, exploring and sharing music . "

                                                Scott Pazera, Guest Artist (bass, composer; 09.13.09)


"Jazz lovers rejoice. The Jazz Club is here. Great sounds, great presentation, great respect. If you haven’t already done so, join up right away!"

                                                Danny Weiss, Founding Member and Guest Artist (woodwinds, vocals, composer; 02.14.10)